About Us

India Association of Los Angeles [IALA] is a 501c (3) Not-for-Profit organization. It was established in 1999 with a mission to introduce, promote and enhance awareness of the heritage, culture and traditions of India by organizing various cultural and social events.

Donation to IALA is tax deductible.

 IALA’s whole heartily efforts are to bring Indian community closer and together to celebrate their diverse and rich culture. It also brings growing population of Indian ethnic origin in close contact with the interested local community and vice-versa.

To create cultural awareness, every year IALA celebrates India Independence Day. This is an open ground all-day event, open to public and is completely free for public. Every year more than 10,000 people attend this day long family celebration.

There are various cultural programs performed by local artists & kids. Their parents, friends & families attend this event in large numbers. People from all walks of life from all age groups with their families & friends have been attending this event since 1999.

This event not only encompasses cultural programs, & corporate booths, but also celebrates human health. After all, a good health creates a healthy community and a vibrant culture.

To create healthy lifestyle awareness, IALA organizes FREE Health Fair every year during India’s Independence Day Celebration. At the Health Fair Nutrition Educators, Dieticians, Physicians, Nurses & Doctors Volunteer to educate the community with screening of Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure, education on managing cholesterol, diabetes & weight related issues. In the past, IALA has also partnered with Lions Club’s Mobile Van Eye Check-up as well.

Since more than a decade, IALA has been showcasing the local talent & now this event has garnered a cult like following; people wait for this event & make special arrangements for this event. This is a hugely popular & the only event of its kind in the San Fernando Valley & its neighboring cities which garners such a huge support from the local community & politicians. Many High Profile Personalities in the past have graced our event including Ambassador of India, Consul General of India, Congressmen, Senators, Mayors and Councilmen.

India Independence Day Celebration organized by IALA has now become a major attraction for the Indian American community in the Valley. The event offers a great avenue where many corporations can advertise their products and interact directly with the consumers. Since 1999, many sponsors & corporations have taken part in this celebration and have used this unique opportunity to target a large crowd to advertise their products & at the same time supported the South Asian community by bringing people together and celebrating the diversity.

During this celebration, IALA sets up around 60 to 70 Booths for the benefit of Sponsors & Community. These Booths act as a perfect place to exchange information, showcase a corporation & its objectives. Many delicious Food Booths also take part along with various Non-Profits & other organizations. At the IALA’s India Independence Day Celebration, Culture, Tradition, Family-Values, Color, Fun, History, Sacrifice of our Ancestors & Heritage from India comes together as a single entity year after year.

IALA thus clearly symbolizes the story of THE INCREDIBLE INDIA.